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We are a young and dynamic team of outstanding developers.

In addition to having a solid expertise in development, we are all entrepreneurs at heart. We understand the realities of your business and can help you make the right technological decisions. We are also proud to do all the development in-house. When you entrust us with a project, there is no subcontracting or outsourcing, which ensures greater security, quality and discretion.


The idea

Hubelia was born from a unique and revolutionary idea at the time: a platform to accelerate and standardize the development of custom applications. So we've always been able to stay one step ahead in this field.


It's a start

Our first client trusts us! We were able to put theory into practice, test our platform, improve it, and give it universal functionality that can benefit companies of all sizes and in all fields.


The development

Our focus shifts from a development company to a company that helps small and medium-sized businesses to start the digital transformation process. With our experience, we are able to advise companies beyond the technological choices but how they fit into their business logic.


We keep moving forward

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