and diagnosis

Expertise - Analysis and diagnosis

Finding a solution adapted to your reality is our main motivation. Our experts will take stock of your existing tools and processes in order to establish a personalized strategic plan that takes into account your resources and business objectives.

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Lean Six
Sigma Analysis

Lean management aims to improve an organization's performance using several principles, such as eliminating waste and continuous improvement, in order to create value for customers. The Six Sigma method consists of improving the quality and efficiency of processes by collecting and analyzing data in order to avoid production defects. Lean Six Sigma is an approach that combines Lean and Six Sigma approaches, methods and tools.

User flow mapping

Our specialists can map the user flow, a set of paths taken by a typical user to find the information they need.

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Technological Architecture Analysis

We can analyze your current technology architecture using diagrams or workflows to better understand your current and future needs.

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